Nigerian musician Vavavoom releases debut solo album “We Gon Get It”


Vavavoom, known for his membership in the Nigerian music duo Skuki, has embarked on a new musical journey with his first solo project titled “We Gon Get It.” This album features a collection of eight tracks that delve into the realm of Afrobeat, encompassing various subgenres ranging from AfroSoul to authentic Afrobeats. As Vavavoom’s inaugural solo endeavor, this release signifies his artistic growth and aspirations for future solo projects.

Vavavoom’s passion for music ignited at the tender age of six when he began recording music alongside his brother and duo partner, Peeshaun. From those early beginnings, his dedication to the craft flourished, paving the way for his solo pursuits. The release of “We Gon Get It” stands as a testament to Vavavoom’s evolution as an artist, showcasing his distinct style and musical prowess.

Currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, Vavavoom finds inspiration in the vibrant music scene and cultural tapestry that the city offers. Lagos, renowned for its pulsating rhythms and diverse musical heritage, serves as a fertile ground for Vavavoom’s creative expression. Living in this dynamic city allows him to tap into the rich musical traditions of Nigeria while infusing his unique artistic perspective into his work.

A noteworthy aspect of Vavavoom’s debut solo album is the collaboration with producer DJ Mo, who has played an integral role in shaping the sound and direction of the project. All eight tracks on the album have been expertly produced by DJ Mo, ensuring a cohesive and polished sonic experience for listeners. This collaboration highlights Vavavoom’s discerning ear for selecting the right partners to bring his artistic vision to life.

“We Gon Get It” serves as an introduction to Vavavoom’s solo artistry, offering a diverse range of Afrobeat tracks that will captivate audiences. From soulful melodies to infectious Afrobeats rhythms, the album encapsulates Vavavoom’s versatility as a musician and his ability to seamlessly navigate different genres within the Afrobeat spectrum. Each track represents a distinct musical journey, showcasing Vavavoom’s creative range and lyrical prowess.

As Vavavoom embarks on this solo venture, fans eagerly anticipate the future solo projects he has in store. The release of “We Gon Get It” is a promising start to his solo career, solidifying his presence in the Nigerian music industry and setting the stage for more captivating musical endeavors in the years to come.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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