Observe the enchanting world of Afrodrill with Jonaskay’s most recent song, “FAME,” which features young rappers 99Etheräl and Wanwanx


Jonaskay makes a triumphant return with his fourth single, titled “FAME.” This time, he collaborates with two talented young rappers from Amiens, 99Etheral, and Wanwanx, on a TNIA production, in partnership with JNB.

The track presents an enticing blend of Afrodrill, characterized by a captivating sample and lyrics that intertwine elements of grit, anger, and enjoyment.

Jonaskay’s comeback to rap is elevated by this refreshing collaboration, as their distinct personalities and flows seamlessly merge, propelled by the sheer pleasure of the musical encounter.

For both 99Etheral and Wanwax, this collaboration serves as their debut on streaming platforms, allowing them to showcase their unique compositional style, often associated with rage and new wave music.

Through their participation in “FAME,” they effortlessly navigate the realm of Afrodrill, demonstrating their potential as emerging artists in the industry.

The music video, directed by Ilyes Benyoucef and Dmeh TM, transports viewers into an intriguing world of musical heists.

The former Bank of France serves as the backdrop for the artistically appealing music videos, which were filmed in Abbeville, France. The video, which is accessible on Jonaskay’s official YouTube page, offers a gripping visual story that accentuates the upbeat and alluring qualities of the song.

“FAME” is a monument to the value of teamwork and the virtually limitless opportunities that result from bringing creative artists together.

Jonaskay, 99Etheräl, and Wanwax, with their collective artistry, have delivered a remarkable single that leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

The fusion of their talents, combined with the creative direction of the music video, solidifies “FAME” as a significant milestone in their respective careers.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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