Embracing Afrobeat and Zouk: Irie Keef’s Seductive Declaration in “Doudou” with Special Guest Loc Emboulé


Irie Keef embraces the Afrobeat Caribbean style custom-crafted by the indispensable Staniski, resulting in a sultry declaration. By her side, she has a special guest: Loïc Emboulé. The title of the song is “Doudou”.

The combination of these talents wasn’t necessarily expected, but it works wonderfully! Irie and Loïc’s voices and vibes complement each other harmoniously, taking you on a passionate journey of love.

This third single makes a powerful statement. Irie Keef, an Afro-Caribbean artist, asserts her artistic direction and vision:

“As a proud representative of my cultural diversity, I want to freely explore all the music that I love. My musical direction is global, and I aim to introduce the world to Guadeloupe, its talented artists, and the artistic richness we have to offer.”

This is one of the reasons why the music video includes English subtitles, to ensure wider accessibility.

Her first single was a fusion of zouk and dancehall, while the second paid tribute to reggae artist Nelly Stharre, showcasing a classical reggae sound.

Now, with this third single, Irie Keef presents a unique blend of Afrobeat and zouk, carefully crafted by the accomplished music producer Staniski.

As an independent artist, Irie Keef is seeking opportunities to expand her professional network and reach a broader international audience.

Finding an editor to collaborate with would be a significant step in her artistic journey, enabling her to further develop her music and share it with the world.

Watch the music video below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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