Parisian Artist Demdy has released a new song titled “Lâche ton gars”


Demdy, a Parisian rapper and singer has released a new song called “Lâche ton gars” which means “Let your boyfriend go” in English.

Growing up in his neighborhood, Demdy’s path grew both within the confines of the classroom and the realm of arts. His introduction to the world of hip-hop occurred at an early age, as he stepped onto stages as a teenager alongside the Rap group “Nemésis Concept.”

In 2013, Demdy embarked on a solo journey, assembling a team of collaborators comprising a manager, a director, and three diverse beatmakers. This collective effort enabled the release of two EPs, accompanied by numerous singles and visually impressive music videos.

In the initial months of 2020, Demdy unveiled the album “KERAM,” a profound project that pays tribute to his dear friend, a fellow rapper who tragically lost his battle with leukemia in January 2019. The album not only observes this friendship but also serves as a platform for multiple artists to come together, including KERAM himself.


His new song “Lâche ton gars,” is an afro-pop composition that blends rhythms with a gentle, sensuous melody. This track exudes both charm and allure, bringing listeners on to surrender to its musical embrace and relish in every note.

The lyrics narrate a story of an irresistible attraction, a fervent longing, and a passion that aches to be unleashed.

With bold and poetic verses, “Lâche ton gars” captures the essence of African-pop while infusing a modern and livening up twist.

This fusion of afro and vintage/retro aesthetics is a rarity in the musical landscape, bringing forth an authenticity and freshness that distinguishes itself.

Accompanying the song is a music video, an artistic masterpiece that effortlessly mirrors the “soft, pleasant, and sexy” ambience of the track.

The video’s color palette, choreography, and carefully chosen scenes converge to deliver an entrancing sensory journey.

Listen on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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