Saxophone Virtuoso Michael Cates Releases Another Musical Masterpiece Called “South 45”


Sonic Redoubt Entertainment has recently made waves in the music industry with its latest announcement of the digital release of “South 45,” a captivating musical masterpiece crafted by none other than saxophone virtuoso, Michael Cates.

This groundbreaking track is a harmonious blend of trip hop and contemporary jazz, seamlessly merging these two distinct genres into an auditory experience like no other.

Michael Cates, renowned for his mastery of the saxophone, ventures into new territories as a producer in “South 45,” showcasing not only his musical prowess but also his ability to curate an unforgettable sonic journey.

The track’s intricate melodies, pulsating rhythms, and entrancing harmonies paint a vivid soundscape that resonates deeply with listeners, evoking a wide range of emotions and leaving them utterly fulfilled.

As the driving force behind this innovative fusion, Cates has effectively woven together the threads of trip hop and contemporary jazz, resulting in a composition that’s both artistically sophisticated and remarkably accessible.

“South 45” stands as an indication  to Cates’ dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted musical landscapes.

The release of the single on various streaming platforms and online stores marks just the beginning of this musical venture. Fans can look forward to a remix and a radio edit of “South 45” early next year, adding exciting variations to an already captivating composition.

What’s more, the track is set to be a cornerstone of Cates’ upcoming full album, promising even more auditory delights for music enthusiasts and aficionados.

In conclusion, Sonic Redoubt Entertainment’s announcement of “South 45” signifies a significant milestone in the realm of music, introducing a track that not only brings together different genres but also showcases the brilliance of Michael Cates as both a saxophone veteran and a visionary producer.

This release undoubtedly leaves a lasting impact, and the anticipation for the remix, radio edit, and full album is palpable.

Listen on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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