Pennsylvania Based Rappers, Landolyrical and Twelveprimetime Releases Street Anthem “Patek”


Talented rappers Landolyrical and Twelveprimetime released their latest collaboration titled “Patek.” The contribution of the two talented rappers from their views of life and success brought about “Patek.”

The song is an upbeat hip-hop track that carries a message that purposely elevates the hopes of individuals in the streets and society who have dreams of enjoying life from the proceeds of their hustle one day.

According to Landolyrical and Twelveprimetime, “Patek” came about as an inspiration from the comfort and pleasure that come with living lavishly and luxuriously from the proceeds of one’s labor.
Where people dream to make it big in life, they end up enjoying the best things that life has to offer them.
The two rappers different styles of delivery in music synched so well on “Patek,” resulting in an ear-catching and top-tier groove for parties, clubs, and the street.

A photo of Patek

Also, the production work on the track is brilliant, combining elements from hip-hop and modern trap music beats. The rim shots, kicks, base, and tones that make up the instrumental are arranged perfectly to suit the song and meet the taste of hip-hop.
The mixing and mastering of the track also worked perfectly, as the song has clarity in both the beats and vocals.

Furthermore, the rap delivery and style from Landolyrical flow powerfully with great timing and precision, while Twelveprimetime’s Jamaican ragga style in his verse added a different flavor that spiced up the song.

With the song’s infectious and brilliant hip-hop and trap-style beat and relatable lyrics, it has the potential to become an anthem that will connect with a wide range of audiences around the world.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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