Songstress Morgan Paros Releases Personal Life Inspired Song, ‘What Love Is’


Singer, instrumentalist and songwriter, Morgan Paros released her latest song titled ‘What Love Is’ to elaborate how the expression of love is made in relationships and the importance of showing ones partner love even though there are loads of obstacles and hurdles to jump when one falls in love.

“What Love Is” is about taking control of one’s life and deciding for oneself how one wants to love and be loved. This is especially crucial in modern times, when we are under increasing social pressure to idealize our romantic partnerships and cling to fictitious standards of behavior. This song is an anthem for women and anyone who can relate to being in an unhappy relationship while also yearning for a different life.

‘What Love Is’ was created by Morgan and her partner, Jeremy Hatcher, a three-time Grammy Award-winning producer, mixer, and engineer. They wrote and produced the song in Morgan’s home studio. The mixing was done by Matt Wolach, and it was mastered by Randy Merrill. The drums for the song were recorded by Tim Spier, a bandmate from the Ashe tours, at his home studio.

The song has an extraordinary instrumental that carries a lot of energy of a rock and roll music and also have transitions that will make audience feel a relaxing, calm and refreshing vibe all in one song. The keyboard chords progression and the strings creates a magnificent feel of modern day Pop mixed with original Rock and the drums rolling and patterns builds up the energy that keeps the song high to move it’s listeners. The production works on the ‘What Love Is’ is excellent. The clarity in the instrumental and the vocals is something epic and the precision in the mixing of the elements in the song makes it sonically appealing to the ears.

Not leaving behind the incredible vocal delivery on the song that also needs to be applauded, Morgan’s silky voice and upbeat energy brings to mind the song every moment after listening to the song the first time and you want to go back and have that feeling of energy.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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