Pop singer-songwriter Erin Bloomer shares the new music video for her single ‘Wasted It On You’


Naming artists like Doja Cat, Ashnikko and Charli xcx as her biggest influences, the 21-year-old breakout singer-songwriter uploaded a drive-with-me clip of breakup-song ‘FU & E Her Tog’ onto Tik Tok, and a viral hit was born. Receiving millions of views from young women who resonated with Erin’s candour and diaristic writing style. ‘FU & F Her Too captured the mood of Ger Z and the instinctive feeling of resentment when you are cheated on, entering the Spotify viral UK chart and hit #25 on iTunes chart on the day of release.

Further showcasing her prowess as a songwriter, Erin’s new single ‘Wasted it On You was born from a message from one of her followers on social media. “The inspiration for Wasted it on You’ actually came from one of my followers who DM’d me the story, I loved the idea and I took it to the studio! I’m trying to find the person that inspired the song, because it was on an instagram poll on my way to the studio one day, so the message disappeared. I’m posting on socials trying to track her down, so if you’re reading this and you think it might be you, send me a DM, I want to say thank you!”

The track is about the beginning of a relationship, you’re excited and happy and you wanna share everything with your new partner and you think they’re matching your energy and responding in the same way. However, in this instance she discovers that once she’d committed to her partner, it turned out they were nowhere near as invested as she thought and had actually been stringing her along from the get go. I recorded it as a telephone convo between two friends, so that you can feel the despondency in her realisation, BUT she’s tough and strong and she’s not gonna let it get her down. It’s deliberately wired, upbeat and realist, she’s gonna laugh and move on. I had so much fun recording this with Future Cut and Elle Campbell, because one of my best friends came with me to the studio and she is actually the telephone voice’ on the track!”

The accompanying music video was directed by Ed Japp of Luna Moon Productions and perfectly captures the upbeat and fun nature of the track. “It’s a shout out to anyone who has been wronged, but with really positive energy, the message is stay happy, pick yourself up and move on. It was a really fun process shooting the visuals because I had one of my best friends with me, she is the telephone voice on the track and came to the studio, so it felt right to have her join me on the video too.”
Hugely tenacious from a young age, Erin started uploading covers onto social media (tens of thousands of IG followers and counting) to show her incredible vocal range and songwriting talent where she caught the attention of her local BBC Introducing station and started writing original songs, which showed Erin’s undeniable talent for confessional lyricism and remarkable melodies. In 2020, Erin released her debut Chemygirl3101 EP, which gained attention from dance producers Imanbek and Rasster, and Erin was asked to feature on the ‘SAD XXX remix, which now has a huge 250 million combined streams.

Watch the video below

Having worked with the likes of Oscar Scheller (Ashnikko, PinkPantheress) and Future Cut (FKA Twigs, Lily Allen) Erin excels in documenting stories of navigating ‘fuckboys’ and heartbreak.

Since Cherrygirl3101 EP’s release, Erin has left the sheep-filled countryside of East Sussex to join the hustle of London. Feeling galvanised by the bustling nightlife of the city and finding new, refreshing inspiration for her artistic vision, Erin has delved deeper into her diverse musical influences, teaching herself how to DJ – having already taught herself the piano and guitar – and exploring new sounds in the studio. Always a fan of dance music but never thinking she would venture outside the realm of pop, the success of the “SAD XXX” remix gave Erin newfound confidence in herself and her abilities to explore new sonic paths. This new chapter has also allowed Erin to find trusted female studio collaborators, including the incredible producer, artist and writer Lauren Faith (FLO, MNEK), and for the first time. Erin feels seen and heard and has found a safe space to evolve her sound to create her most compelling work yet – ensuring that this rising star is ready to bloom.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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