Inezone Collaborates with Frederyk On ‘Midnight Circle’


A flirring synth-bass starts to play, a melancholic western guitar is joining in, a cymbal shrieks, a short breath is drawn and then two voices carry us off to a mystic sound universe. «Midnight Circle» is the title of this trip, the first single of the upcoming INEZ album «Heartbeat» and it’s epic, spheric and timeless, just as we would expect it from the multi-instrumentalist and singer.

The song is the result of a collaboration with Zatokrev-singer Frederyk Rotter. It is an ode to life, its finitude and death alike and it fills the depressing void of these days with timeless musical magic. While the voices of INEZ and Frederyk Rotter are in perfect tune and harmony on a velvet sound, drone guitars, piercing screams and psychedelic guitar solos form a stark contrast, symbolizing the lightness and severity of being alike. Written with Frederyk Rotter (vocals, screams, drone guitars) and recorded with Fabian Gisler (synth bass) and Eric Gut (drums) during lockdown in Switzerland the song got graced with guitarlines of Gabriel Sullivan (XIXO, Giant Sand).

«Midnight Circle» is the opening chord of the upcoming album «Heartbeat» INEZ recorded at One Drop Studio, Basel before the pandemic started. «Heartbeat» will be released on Rotters Label «Czar of Crickets»  The video of videographer Baschi Thommen is just as poetic, beautiful and mystic as the song. Shot in sundrenched forests it introduces characters who seem to have fallen out of another time. We get to witness symbols and signs, passion and discurs, but we won’t get final answers to our questions. Is this celtic americana or mystic folk?

As usual INEZONA won’t let her music and style be categorized easily. Instead she asks us to dance to beautiful cinematic music that casts ist spell over us at once. Music that is very much in the present and absolutely timeless at the same time!

Stream below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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