Praise in Him Ministries releases inspirational single “Impossible” to overcome life challenges


Praise in Him Ministries Releases Empowering Single ‘Impossible’: Embracing the Divine Power to Overcome Challenges.

In a world often filled with doubt and obstacles, Praise in Him Ministries aims to inspire and uplift with their latest single release, “Impossible.”

With lyrics that delve into the realm of divine power and the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances, the ministry poses a thought-provoking question: Is the impossible actually possible?

Producer Tim Glover sheds light on the concept, expressing a desire to create a song centered on the awe-inspiring power of God and His capacity to guide individuals through challenging times.

Delivering impassioned vocals on “Impossible” is none other than Daniel Johnson II, whose powerful voice reinforces the triumphant message of the chorus: “Lord, I know You Do the Impossible, in You it’s possible!”

The creative process behind “Impossible” involved the collective efforts of the talented individuals associated with Praise in Him Ministries. Producer Tim Glover took charge of production, arrangement, composition, and performance, skillfully crafting the musical landscape that accompanies the heartfelt lyrics.

Vocal producer Daniel Johnson II, known for his emotive vocal range, ensured that the song’s message resonated deeply with listeners. The recording took place at G-Ready Studios under the engineering expertise of Tim Glover, capturing the essence of the song’s uplifting energy.

To add the final touches, the track was mixed and mastered by the skilled hands of Audio Mixing and Mastering professionals, resulting in a polished and sonically pleasing final product.

“Impossible” serves as a powerful reminder of the divine strength that exists within each person’s journey.
It inspires people to put their confidence and trust in a higher power when they are up against challenges that appear insurmountable.

The inspiring and victorious chorus serves as a constant reminder that all is possible with God.

Daniel Johnson II’s soulful vocals and Tim Glover’s skilled musical production work together to produce an engaging listening experience that is guaranteed to connect with listeners from all walks of life.

As Praise in Him Ministries releases “Impossible,” they invite listeners to embark on a journey of hope and unwavering faith. Through this inspiring musical offering, the ministry seeks to uplift hearts, reminding everyone that they possess the inner strength to conquer any obstacles they may face.

Let “Impossible” be a source of inspiration, reigniting the belief that, with divine guidance, the impossible can become possible.

Stay tuned to Praise in Him Ministries’ empowering music and keep an eye out for the uplifting impact they continue to make through their soul-stirring releases.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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