ST. NIKLAS joyously makes a comeback with the empowering song “Comfy”


ST. NIKLAS, the talented Norwegian singer-songwriter, has returned to the music scene after a three-year hiatus since his successful EP, “your imperfectons make me even more obsessed with you.”

Since the success of his previous EP, ST. NIKLAS embarked on a creative journey, writing numerous songs, many of which were ultimately discarded.

However, amidst this process, he carefully curated a new release, selecting only the finest compositions from the past three years.

Additionally, he ventured into the realm of songwriting for other artists, collaborating with talents such as Tomine Harket on the mesmerizing track “Breathing Better.”

This time, he brings us a captivating new single titled “Comfy,” featuring the enchanting vocals of DØSSI.

In this heartfelt duet, ST. NIKLAS explores the notion of feeling trapped in a stagnant state, whether in a relationship or life in general, and emphasizes the importance of breaking free from the comfort zone.

Back in 2016, ST. Niklas made his debut with the EP “C-O-O-L,” which received high praise from NRK Urørt and gained attention from music blogs and even Spanish marathon runners.

The EP’s popularity soared, accumulating nearly two million streams on Spotify alone and ranking prominently on Spotify Viral charts in Norway, Sweden, and Spain.

Several tracks from the EP were also premiered on P3, while others enjoyed consistent airplay on P1 and P3.

“Comfy” holds deep personal meaning for ST. NIKLAS as it reflects his distaste for remaining stagnant and his belief that many individuals hinder their own growth by consistently making safe choices.

The song serves as a gentle reminder to step outside the boundaries of comfort, both within relationships and other aspects of life.

Through the lens of a romantic relationship, ST. NIKLAS encourages listeners to evaluate their own lives and embrace the possibilities that lie beyond their comfort zones.

Fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in ST. NIKLAS’ musical journey, and “Comfy” offers a tantalizing glimpse into his evolving artistry.

Stay tuned for more heartfelt and inspiring music from this talented Norwegian artist who knows how to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Stream on Spotify below;

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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