Reina Subramanian delivers again with her new EP “heartstrings”


Reina Subramanian’s new single “heartstrings” released everywhere Feb 17, 2023. The EP contains 3 tracks-heartstrings, look the other way, and all the way through. Each track is thought-provoking, lyrically poignant, and digs a little deeper into feelings of regret, rejection and support we can offer each other when we’re down.

Reina continues to deliver with that familiar
ease in her voice, but this time the tracks showcase her versatility through the highs and lows in the songs.

“heartstrings” is a song about hurting someone’s feelings when maybe we’re being too direct with them or not choosing our words well when they are down, and then realizing that we need to ask for forgiveness. We all sometimes say things we don’t mean that can be hurtful or untrue.
As a people and as a community we have gone through some difficult times over the past 3 years and we may sometimes be hurtful, so we shouldn’t hesitate to acknowledge mistakes and apologize. Sometimes we say these things because we are in search of bettering ourselves but in doing so we dismiss other people’s feelings, and sometimes we say these things when we are in a certain mood. The message of the song is to realize that it’s okay to speak your mind freely, but to recognize that words can hurt people and it’s important to be apologetic when it calls for it.

“look the other way” is meant to be interpreted pretty literally and is about someone who is constantly playing games with a person’s feelings. The song is about the person recognizing and reacting to that. It is also meant to empower young women to stand up for themselves and not allow anyone to take advantage of them or play games with their emotions.

“all the way through” is a track written from the perspective of someone that is being
supportive of another person in their journey to achieve a goal. It is meant to send a message of hope in the best and worst times during someone’s journey to reach a goal, the supportive person will never give up and see the other “all the way through”.

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Reina is a multi-talented artist. She is an actor, singer, and model with a background in musical theater and dance, and her career has been marked by hard work and achievements. Reina is a true music enthusiast. Her influences are Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey. Vac. Regina. Reina released her first single – “Breathe Slow” – in December 2022. By early January 2023,
the single had garnered great reviews and more than 40,000 streams just on Spotify. This year, Reina plans to release more songs as well as a music video. Her next single “Dance on the moon” release on January 12, 2023, and continues on the same trajectory.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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