Remus Rujinschi Embraces Peace and Good Vibes Through ‘Tears In The Cloud – No Tears Mix’


Remus Rujinschi, an emerging artist in the electronic music scene, is on a mission to spread peace, joy, and good vibes through his unique blend of pop-oriented sounds and dreamy electronic soundscapes.

With his latest artistic project, Remus aims to emotionally move his listeners and create professionally experimented releases that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Remus, who draws influence from well-known electronic music producers, is ready to leave his stamp on the business.

The most recent work by Remus Rujinschi combines pop-oriented sounds with ethereal electronic soundscapes.

Remus provides a compelling auditory experience that captivates listeners from the first note by fusing elements of electronic dance, funk, and pop music. His intention is to evoke emotional responses and bring serenity to the world through his music.

Top electronic music producers like Ninski, Oliver, Avaion, Illangelo, KSHMR, Rob Late, and Chainsmokers are some of Remus Rujinschi’s artistic influences. His artistic direction is shaped by these inspirations, which also help to create the distinctive fusion of genres in his music.

Remus gives a new and creative perspective to his works, focusing on creating a pop-oriented sound blended with lucid electronic soundscapes and an authentic EDM atmosphere.

Remus has released a new song called ‘Tears In The Cloud – No Tears Mix,” which happens to be One of his notable releases which has already amassed over 600,000 plays on Soundcloud.

The track opens with a captivating europop style song that seamlessly transitions into a trap-infused section. The atmosphere and lyrics of the song delve into the themes of hope and risk that accompany self-realization and forging our own paths in life. “Tears In The Cloud – No Tears Mix” is a testament to Remus’s ability to create emotionally engaging music that resonates with listeners.

Remus Rujinschi is a musician to keep an eye on in the future due to his skill at creating ethereal electronic soundscapes and his commitment to moving his audience on an emotional level. He stands out in the electronic music world for his ability to combine genres and produce a distinctive aural experience.

Remus is ready to leave a lasting impression and spread his message of peace and positive energy to a large audience as long as he keeps experimenting and releasing professionally produced music.

Listen to his latest single on Spotify below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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