RIZ navigates urban landscape with his new single “Hollywood Cinderella”


Enter the world of music created by Riz with his latest track “Hollywood Cinderella” in which a fascinating city sound develops weaving listeners into an atmosphere clothed in gritty allure. The first humming of the song is a voice to transport listeners to back alleys in cities at night, where shadows dance and secrets hide.

The bassline in the centre of this track is a work of careful planning, carefully compressed and orbiting around its atmosphere with perfect timing. This bassline can be considered as a kind of gravity, which sucks listeners into the hypnotic abysses of Riz’s world and prepares this place for an unforgettable journey.

He presents an unparalleled voice, a master of the guide in her smoky accents making pathways through gloomy urban canals and sticky marks that will not easily fade from memory. As each haunting note comes out from Riz, one gets clear idea of city life and its undercurrents at night time along with the energy that it imparts as well.

With the help of Riz’s poetic lyrics and entrancing melodies, listeners are encouraged to dive into a realm where beauty meets darkness–wherein every shadow is but an untold story.

However, the book “Hollywood Cinderella” is a proof of Riz’s talent as both musician and storyteller at last.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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