Rock band, Red Mountain Revolt Released A New Album “Like A Loaded Gun” Elaborating The Adversities Of Love Relationships


Red Mountain Revolt is a duo band hailing from New Jersey, that takes charge of everything concerning music production, from playing the instruments all the way to mixing and mastering. The band members are Kyle Merritts who is the Bassist, Keyboard, Lead and backing vocals and Christian Nevi is the Guitarist, Drummer, Lead and backing vocals.

The band released their latest album titled “Like A Loaded Gun,” a 12 track album that is offers a little of everything while staying consistent and unique. The album borrows from an array of music genres and delivers a one of a kind sound that is new but still reflects old style sounds. The album taps into influences from 90’s grunge scene mixed with hard rock elements and alternative rock sprinkled with garage rock. They also got inspired by bands like; Alice in Chains, Stone Temple pilots, Pearl Jam, Shinedown, Rival Sons, along with some influence from Dream Theater.

According to the band members, They went in for an album that takes a dive into the different sides of a fallen relationships and the way people try to overcome or deal with relationships in general (not restricted to just love based relationships either). The album “Like A Loaded Gun,” looks into how people deal with broken or unhealthy relationships and how much of an effect they could take on someone. For example in the Song “Fall Through” , its about the acceptance of inviting toxicity into ones life no matter how much you try to avoid inviting it and the reason why it always comes back. On the song “Don’t Mind me” its about how after a fallen love relationship, some people tend to think more emotionally rather then with their brain and will go on rampages with other partners and go on to ruin their life and others whether with that intent or not. While majority of the album discussed relationship topics, we did have fun on other songs like “Brain storm,” where its about a fictional bank heist that switches the perspective been a normal citizen living their normal life going to the bank and then the robber who is eager to earn his big score.

Most of the recordings of the album took place in the basement of Christians house. Drums, Bass and Vocals were all down stairs while the guitar was recorded in a sound proof box upstairs, since that’s where all Christians different amp rigs were. However, once everything was recorded, the computer was moved to Kyles house where he spent the whole summer mixing and mastering the album using Logic Pro. This how the album achieved such a fantastic sound clarity.

According to the band members they stand to “Push through the modern rock era while staying true to our 90’s / hard rock roots”

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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