Saxofshaolin’s Debut Single ‘follow me’ Sets a New Standard for Musical Fusion


Saxofshaolin, a musical alchemist bridging the realms of East and West, doesn’t just play the saxophone – he orchestrates a harmonious convergence of cultural lineages. As a saxophonist, composer, and bandleader, his sonic palette draws from the rich tapestry of American, South East Asian, and Afro-Caribbean music. Each note resonates like a dance echoing through the ancestral corridors of these diverse traditions.

In his quest for musical experimentation, Saxofshaolin seamlessly weaves together influences, creating compositions that transcend conventional boundaries. This isn’t merely a fusion of sounds; it’s a deliberate endeavor to discover shared ground among cultures separated by vast distances. This unique approach springs from his experiences as an immigrant and a Hakka Chinese, a wanderer bound by the nomadic spirit coursing through his veins. His music, at once traditional and contemporary, strikes a delicate balance between aggression and tastefulness, always inviting the listener to dance while connecting with something spiritual.

Teaming up with Grammy-nominated Producer Dretegs, Saxofshaolin ventures into uncharted territory with his debut single, “follow me,” This groundbreaking track merges the infectious beats of Afrobeat with the intricate layers of Asian fusion, creating a genre-defying composition that shatters geographical and cultural confines.

“follow me” is an auditory expedition mirroring Saxofshaolin’s heritage and personal experiences. Symbolically tracing the immigration path of his family from Singapore to New York and then to Minnesota, the track becomes a sonic journey through diverse landscapes. Beyond being a debut, it’s a profound statement, a fusion of worlds, inviting fans and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in this groundbreaking musical chapter.

Stream “follow me” below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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