Shingi Unleashes Her Vibrant and Upbeat Spanish-Inspired Single ‘Si Señor’


A vibrant and gifted singer-songwriter named Shingi who made her debut in the music industry with her track “Silly Me” is here again with another single called Si Señor.

Shingi’s music represents her multiracial roots in Zimbabwe and Kenya with a distinctive fusion of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Afro-Jazz.

She strives to inspire and unite through the common experiences of joy, love, and suffering, leaving listeners hankering for more with her tempting and vivid music.

Shingi, who was born in Zimbabwe to a Kenyan mother, grew up with a strong musical heritage. She became aware of the ability of music to effect beneficial societal and political change after being influenced by jazz, soul, and Southern African Township Jazz.

She chose to study sociology in the UK, where she currently resides, since she is passionate about music.Get ready to enjoy Shingi’s exciting and vibrant sound, filled with catchy melodies and stunning visuals.

Shingi’s latest songs, “Si Señor,” is a lively and upbeat track with a Spanish flair. It showcases her versatility and innovative style, capturing the feeling of being deeply in love and taking risks without knowing the outcome.

The addition of live guitars and conga drums gives the song an authentic Latin feel. Stay tuned for the stunning visuals that will accompany the song.

From a young age, Shingi was surrounded by music, thanks to her musical family background. Jazz, soul, and Southern African Township Jazz were among her early influences.

By combining Afro-Jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and pop, Shingi has created her own unique sound and she keeps making an impact in the field, and her skill as a singer-songwriter is apparent in her output.

Shingi’s music connects with listeners from many origins and cultures because it is energizing, passionate, and relatable.

Listen on Spotify below ;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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