Dive into the Versatile Soundscape of Styme Music’s New EP, ‘Le Pragmatique’


Styme Music, an eclectic artist heavily influenced by R&B, Rap, Dancehall, and Zouk, has made a significant impact in the music industry.

With a strong focus on women in his songs, Styme Music showcases his versatility and diverse musical talents. His EP, “L’Émérite,” released in 2022, features tracks like “En Vitesse,” “La Maille,” and “Rolex,” demonstrating his ability to captivate listeners with different styles and genres.

Styme Music has unveiled his new EP, “Le Pragmatique,”

This EP comprises six singles: “A Pecorina,” “Merci,” “TVPC,” “Mal,” “Professionnel,” and “Blablablas.” Each song has its unique identity, contributing to a coherent and cohesive musical experience.

The atmosphere varies from sensual and festive to serious and somber, showcasing Styme Music’s versatility and range as an artist.

One notable track from “Le Pragmatique” is “Blablablas,” which stands out among the rest. The majority of the songs on the EP share a common element—their ability to make listeners want to dance.

Styme Music’s love for dance is evident throughout his work, as he aims to spread happiness and joy through his music.

The music videos accompanying Styme Music’s songs add an extra layer of visual appeal to his artistic expression.

The video for the song “Professionnel” has gained significant attention on YouTube, setting a new personal record for views and further solidifying Styme Music’s presence in the music industry.

“Le Pragmatique” is a testament to Styme Music’s diverse musical influences. The EP incorporates elements of pop, dancehall, reggaeton, carioca funk, and zouk, creating a rich and vibrant musical experience.

Each song explores different themes, often centering around relationships between men and women.

Working closely with composer ALLAN J SON, Styme Music had a hand in crafting five out of the six tracks on the EP. The collaboration between Styme Music and ALLAN J SON showcases their creative synergy and the ability to tailor productions to suit Styme Music’s unique style and vision.

Kitoko Sound and Allan JSON also contributed to the EP, particularly on the tracks “Thank You” and “Mal.”

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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