Silicon Valley’s Burkay Donderici Unveils Powerful New Single “Covered in Lies”


Silicon Valley’s very own Burkay Donderici has unveiled a powerful new single titled “Covered in Lies.” This emerging artist, at the intersection of technology and art, is making waves with his musical project, Infinitum Ex Machina.

Burkay’s work in “Covered in Lies” brilliantly combines the dark introspection reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails with cinematic elements that echo the likes of Clint Mansell and Hans Zimmer. This unique blend of influences results in a captivating musical experience.

The song itself delves into themes of betrayal and realization, offering a poignant reflection on these profound emotions. Lydia Salnikova’s ethereal voice takes center stage, adding a haunting and mesmerizing quality to the music. Burkay assembles a talented ensemble of musicians to complement Salnikova’s vocals. Andrijana Janevska provides haunting backing vocals, Samantha Bounkeua contributes intricate violin performances, Hugo Lee delivers emotive saxophone improvisations, and Dennis Holt provides rhythmic energy with his drumming.

“Covered in Lies” serves as a testament to Burkay’s ability to seamlessly blend human and machine elements in his work. The lyrics and rich soundscapes of the song come together to create a mesmerizing and thought-provoking experience for listeners.

Infinitum Ex Machina’s latest single is more than just music; it’s a fusion of talent and vision. It challenges listeners to delve into its evocative world, encouraging them to question, reflect, and fully immerse themselves in the profound artistry that Burkay Donderici has crafted. This release promises to resonate with audiences around the world, leaving a lasting impact with its powerful and emotional storytelling.

Listen Below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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