Singer-songwriter Sarya has released a new track named “Only Girl,” which explores the ups and downs of romantic relationships


Sarya releases a new touching song called “Only Girl” which is the third in an exciting series of power-pop collaborations with Robin Brill (aka Birdfish), a producer based in Edinburgh.

“Only Girl” focuses on personalized homophobia as well as the process of restoring one’s self-esteem. Because of the lyrics and melody, They refer to the song as a “bitter revenge bubblegum pop song.”

They talk about their struggles when they suffered homophobia in the song and talks about the impact it had on them. The lyrical message is so brilliant and creative, especially when it says from the beginning “Once upon a time when I rocked your world, you said I’ll probably be the Only Girl,” giving listeners a hint on how a love relationship begins and how partners respect and adore each other throughout their love lives.

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Also, the rhythm and melodies that they combined to compose the song are another greatness that needs to be applauded. The flow, the lyrics, and the sweet melodies and rhythm together set the song on fire. The vocal delivery by Sarya on the song was also calm and so soothing that will kept one in a peaceful and lovable mood while enjoying the song.

‘Only Girl’ showcases their uncommon caliber of talent considering the storytelling style of lyrics displayed in the song. The arrangement and composition of the song are exquisite and catchy.

On the instrumentation, the piano tones, bass, drum line, breaks, and transitions add a whole load of exceptional flavor and excitement to the listening of the song. To add up on everything the production work which was handled by Birdfish is brilliant as the vocal mixing, instrumentals, and mastering are so classic and excellent.  He did a fantastic job of giving it a vintage feel while giving it a contemporary edge.

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Barbie Edonia


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