Afro-Fusion superstar Olabayo of Nigeria and American rap guru Ike-Burner have collaborated on an EP titled “Life”


Isaac Hill, better known by his stage name Ike-Burner, is a rap and hip-hop mystery who uses his unique flair, panache, and intensity to create a tapestry of real-life stories, emotions, and experiences.

Despite the ups and downs of his life, he has never lost his passion for music. This year, he has made a strong comeback with a number of releases, and the music world has taken note. This MC’s “Street Ologist” EP demonstrated his exceptional creativity and musicality, astounded the rap community, and delighted music fans with a blend of classic and cutting-edge sounds.

Before the music industry can recover from that release, he’s already out with a brand new raw collection that features Olabayo, a Nigerian afro-fusion superstar he met through a producer he was collaborating with (Ike-Burner). This EP was the result of an instant rapport.

Includes the critically acclaimed “Winner (Rmx)” as a bonus track in addition to five brand new songs.

Olabayo provides the EP with the essential Afrobeats flavor thanks to his melodious voice and infectious singing, and Ike-Burner gives it a global feel thanks to his raw verses, rap ingenuity, and distinctive vocal flair.

The scale and sophistication of “Highly Favoured” are impressive. The choral-like harmonies are beautiful and work wonderfully with the overall feel and story of the song.

Ike-Burner uses clever wordplay and intelligent viewpoints in tandem with rhymes inspired by self-affirmation to not only entertain but also challenge and empower the audience with lyrics that have profound value. Olabayo’s soaring vocal enhances the track, taking it to new heights and cementing it as a classic.

This performance is supposed to be an inspiration and a reminder that we are all uniquely gifted and have the potential to overcome adversity and reach for the stars.

Ike-Burner comes across as a first-rate emcee with a desire to assert his lyrical prowess, taking an outstandingly autobiographical and creatively referential approach to his performance on “Tonight,” which features sampled beats and melodies from reggae icon Gregory Isaac’s “Night Nurse.”

Olabayo, on the other hand, contributes to the song’s anthemic weight with his melodious and engaging delivery.

Listening to “Peace of Mind” is like taking a trip down memory lane; it’s comforting, easygoing, and potent all at once. With his mature and assured tone, Ike-Burner wanders over the laid-back production, delivering thought-provoking bars that are complemented by Olabayo’s heartfelt singing.

What gives this song its vitality and genuine resonance is the way both of them glide across the beat like butter.

Inspired by its universal message of development, introspection, and unwavering resolve, “Winner (Rmx)” is a true Afrobeats anthem that will have you dancing gleefully on your feet. Olabayo’s passionate singing evokes reflective stillness, while the catchy, energetic instrumentation sets the mood for a song about being confident in one’s own strength.

Ike-Burner’s performance exudes confidence and charisma because to his commanding delivery and steady onstage presence.

In its whole, “Life” is that standout project of the year, bringing together two wonderfully accomplished artists from distinct artistic backgrounds, each of whom appreciates the value of the other, resulting in a magnificent, laudable whole.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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