Singer Tim Camrose put out “Empty Roads” EP with six excellent songs.


Singer Tim Camrose released a new Ep titled “Empty Roads” featuring six undoubtedly amazing tracks. The first track on the Ep bears the title of the Ep “Empty Roads, followed by “I Didn’t Say, “Scared Anymore”, “You Know Where To Find Me”, “Happening Again ” and the last track, “Back To New York City.”

“Empty Roads” was created by Tim as an inspiration from his experiences of Love, pain, grief, Self discovery, deep thoughts and uncertainties of life that could change the life of a person.
Tim shared more information about the three key tracks on the Ep that influenced the whole project and also shines more light on how he has been through and experienced.

According to Tim, the first track on the Ep was inspired by the love he has for his home city of London. The inspiration came to him as a sax riff as he walked through the streets of the city. After putting down some touching lyrics filled with emotions and experiences, which brought out such a restless love song based in the UK’s capital with incredible horn work.

Another masterpiece on the Ep is “I Didn’t Say,” the rendition of Tim’s “Didn’t Say” from his debut album. “I Didn’t Say” redefines the original song “Didn’t Say” as a ballad rooted in inward sadness and personal forgiveness.

“I Didn’t Say” is a personal song that was written in memory of Tim’s parents who tragically passed away within months of each other in Camrose’s youth. As described by Tim, “This is a song in their memory about not punishing myself for things I didn’t say when they were alive, and I appreciate what they did for me now that I am older and wiser.”.

Same way the EP’s final single “Scared Anymore” was written in memory of Tim’s brother who also passed away last year. “Scared Anymore” is a track that was made out of emotions and thoughts that is not really direct to Tims but other experiences and occurrences that affected him.

Even though “Empty Roads” looks back on important specific moments in Tim’s life, the themes it explores are universal and sure to resonate with people from all walks of life.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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