Smiles Unites Hip-Hop and Punk Rock in His Electrifying New Single ‘Someday’ Off His ‘Ur In My World’ Album


Artists who push boundaries and break genre traditions distinguish out in the constantly changing music industry. One such performer is the LA-based musician SMILEZ, who is renowned for his upbeat character and distinctive combination of hip-hop and punk rock.

With his most recent album, “Ur in My World,” SMILEZ demonstrates his versatility and sense of style. Among the highlight songs, “Someday” becomes an instant hit by fusing punk and hip-hop while also sampling The Strokes, leaving listeners with a lasting impression.

The Album “Ur in My World” is a potent illustration of SMILEZ’s prowess at fusing many musical genres together.

It includes songs like “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else,” which explores the emotional upheaval of losing a loved one, and “Party Party Party,” an upbeat mashup of contemporary hip-hop production with a fusion of vintage pop-punk influences. Every song on the album showcases SMILEZ’s distinct style of music, as he injects his own DNA into every stage of the creative process, from production to creating music videos.

In the constantly changing music scene, SMILEZ has successfully merged the catharsis of grungy punk music with the unbridled bravado of hip-hop. With his electric performances and obvious stage presence, he has established himself as a disruptor in the new RAGE space.

His versatility is evident as he can seamlessly collaborate with icons like Snoop Dogg while also commanding the Warped Tour stage. SMILEZ’s notable brand has allowed him to embark on successful tours, sharing stages with renowned artists such as Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, and JuiceWRLD.

SMILEZ has established himself as an artist on the rise with a succession of hit tunes, including the SoundCloud chart-topping hit “HAPPY” with over 7 million streams. He is not averse to venturing into intensely emotional territory, though. He paid respect to his late brother by releasing the moving song “Sit Back & Relax” in 2022. He used this opportunity to confront the fentanyl epidemic and spread awareness.

With a bang, Smilez began 2023 by showcasing his skills and lyrical mastery in a Genius ‘Open Mic’ Performance. His standing as a performer with a distinctive voice and a natural ability to attract audiences was further cemented by the performance.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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