Kumotora Releases His EP ‘Acoustic Vol. 1’


There is a musician that has been causing waves in the alternative R&B and cool vibes genres with his distinctive fusion of calming tunes and entrancing rhythms.

With his releases, including the EPs “Flowery” and “Extended Blossom,” Kumotora, a gifted musician and producer, has enthralled fans.

Kumotora’s music, which draws on elements as diverse as jazz and lofi, transports listeners to a serene and reflective world.

Keyboards, Jazz sounds, natural percussion, and a hint of Hip-Hop influences are all seamlessly fused in Kumotora’s music. His compositions and arrangements, which he completely handle himself, from the initial concept to the final mixing, exhibit the artist’s painstaking attention to detail.

This hands-on approach allows Kumotora to create a complete musical experience that is truly representative of their artistic vision.

Kumotora’s live performances have been marked by incredible energy and a sense of companionship. Accompanied by singer Barbara B and guitarist Coral Roof, the trio brings a fresh dynamic to the stage, incorporating different percussions and live instruments that enhance the overall experience. Together, they exude a positive energy that leaves the audience captivated and uplifted.

“Acoustic Vol. 1: The Sea,” Kumotora’s most recent album, is a beautiful homage to vacations by the sea. Sweet piano and acoustic guitar melodies are included on the EP, along with organic percussions that resemble the tranquil sound of waves.

Kumotora pays homage to the aesthetic and delicacy of this adored project by drawing influence from the album “La septième vague” by French artist Laurent Voulzy. The EP comprises four tracks from Kumotora’s prior EP “Flowery” that have been altered, as well as the original song “Your Body,” which features Coral Roof.

Kumotora has produced five visualizers that show the sea at various times of the day to complement the ambient nature of the EP. The graphics for “Acoustic Vol. 1: The Journey” were shot in Brittany, France, and they serve as an incredible backdrop for the immersive experience.

The artist’s affinity for this location adds an extra layer of personal connection and resonance to the project, capturing the essence of the sea and the artist’s love for it.

Stream Full Album Below:

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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