Sofi Vonn Spreads Love with ‘Contagious’: A Queer Anthem for 2024


London-based, New York-born electronic pop sensation Sofi Vonn has just dropped her latest single, “Contagious,” co-produced with Chapters (known for their work with Olivia Rodrigo and Tayler Holder). This track is a precursor to Sofi’s upcoming EP scheduled for release in June 2024, following the success of her recent singles, including “Losing Control,” which soared to the TOP FIVE on the UK Dance Chart and enjoyed eight weeks of rotation on MTV.

Sofi’s journey includes well-received singles like “Ping Pong,” featured on Noctis Magazine, and “Rumors,” which made waves on Revolve’s TikTok. Her 2022 hit, “Famous,” even found a spot on McDonald’s UK’s TikTok. Building on the success of the remix EP for “Famous,” where it peaked at #6 on the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart, Sofi Vonn’s music consistently attracts attention. Previous releases like “That’s When I Knew,” “Older,” “Famous,” and “Songs” have collectively amassed over 100k streams on Spotify.

What sets Sofi apart is her deep lyrics juxtaposed with light melodies, creating a beautiful paradox that weaves a relatable narrative of youth. Her voice, rich and powerful, skillfully expresses emotions and perspectives on various aspects of life, including society, love, and sexuality. Unlike many pop singers, Sofi pens all her songs, drawing from her global experiences.

In her latest release, “Contagious,” Sofi Vonn shares, “As my first single of the year, it feels right to put this queer love song out off the back of how my 2023 ended.” Reflecting on her experience performing alongside Sophie B. Hawkins after covering “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover,” Sofi recognizes the importance of authenticity in her journey. With “Contagious,” she crafts an original gay girl anthem, setting the tone for a vibrant and genuine musical expression in 2024.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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