ZIRIONN Unleashes Raw Rap Energy with “Play The Track”


ZIRIONN steps boldly into the spotlight with the release of “Play The Track,” a testament to their prowess in the rap game. Influenced by the raw energy of hip-hop icons such as Earl Sweatshirt and the early work of Tyler, the Creator, ZIRIONN delivers a track that blends intricate lyricism with an unrelenting flow.

ZIRIONN channels the spirit of rap luminaries, delving into the intricate world of lyricism. “Play The Track” is a result of meticulous studio work, showcasing ZIRIONN’s dedication to refining their craft and paying homage to the roots of authentic rap.

Teaming up with beatmaker Luke Mackenzie, ZIRIONN curates an evocative soundscape that complements the lyrical intensity. “Play The Track” becomes a fusion of ZIRIONN’s intricate rhymes and Mackenzie’s beats, creating a sonic journey that resonates with rap aficionados.

“Play The Track” distinguishes itself as a lyrical odyssey, reflecting the spirit of authentic rap. ZIRIONN’s clever wordplay and relentless flow harken back to the essence of hip-hop, offering listeners an unfiltered and captivating experience.

With “Play The Track,” ZIRIONN not only steps into the spotlight but also leaves an indelible mark on the rap scene. The track’s raw energy, clever wordplay, and collaborative soundscape make it a compelling addition to the world of authentic and impactful hip-hop.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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