South Australian Sisters Duo Ella and Sienna Ends the Year with New Single “New Year’s Kiss”


South Australian sisters duo Ella & Sienna has ended the year with their new single, “New Year’s Kiss.”

You see the emotional aftermath of a breakup, the complex feelings of heartbreak, nostalgia, and a sense of being left behind? This is what all this song is all about, thus the theme of this track is heartbreak and romance.

Ella and Sienna talked about how they fell after seeing their ex dancing with someone else at a New Years party. The girls feel embarrassed to see their ex, who is wearing a polo t-shirt and blue jeans. They question if the ex will be their new year’s kiss, feeling left behind.

In the chorus they asked if the ex will be his valentine, his first hello and last goodbye, and if she will be there for the rest of their lives.

“New Year’s Kiss” opens with a lovely synth and beat to create the mood. Later on in the song, a lovely acoustic guitar is added, which contributes to the song’s more folk and country feel. The acoustic guitar in particular, together with Ella and Sienna’s emotive singing, gives the song a folk, pop, and country flavor.

The thing that I like best about this song is how flawlessly Ella and Sienna sang the entire time; their highs and lows were flawless, and they also made some melodies with their singing, especially when they dueted at certain points, which increased the song’s sweetness and made me love it even more. Additionally, their vocals and the message they conveyed in the song go well together; you could tell how deeply emotioned they were.
I believe that this song’s instrumentation is all that great music has; I love how the percussion and acoustic parts were performed throughout to support and enhance the vocals. Every chorus features a half-time breakdown that they execute, which gives the song an air of pop nostalgia.

Ella and Sienna’s vocals and the instrumentation will captivate you more than the song’s words alone when you listen to it. Notwithstanding the song’s content, its upbeat tempo will encourage you to dance and block off the feelings it expresses.

Enjoy on Spotify below.



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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