Unveiling Willow Beggs and Her Captivating New Song: “The Muse”


Willow Beggs sings a new song called “The Muse,” in which she talks about falling in love with an artist who used her as inspiration.

The song’s theme is misogyny and objectification and as the title goes, Willow was seeing the artist and fell in love with him, but to him, Willow was only his muse. Thus, “The Muse” narrates the tale of a lady who falls madly in love with a painter who ignores her emotions and sees her simply as a subject for his creations.
“The Muse” will be added to Williw’s upcoming EP and it is the folklist song in the EP.

Picasso’s renowned statement that women are either “Goddesses or doormats” served as inspiration for Willow. According to Willow, the song was inspired by her experience doing life drawing at university, which led her to center the concept around the idea of a muse falling in love with a painter—a scenario she is certain has occurred.

Willow worked with Kieran Weston on the song. Willow played the bass, and the guitar, and sang all the parts and Kieran helped with making the music and played the drums, which Willow liked a lot. He also suggested trying different ways of singing that Willow hadn’t planned before, making the song more creative.

The song has a very relaxing and cool feel, it starts with a synth element, acoustic guitar is played and Willow begins singing. Later on, the percussion and other instruments came in which gave the song some heaviness and intenseness, though its cool and relaxing feel was maintained.

You can feel how emotional Willow was through her vocals, yet you will be swept away by how sweet her vocals are. The backing added some greatness and sweetness to the song, you will hear some airy backings that were implemented at the last part of the song, and to me that made the song sound so emotional.

All the instruments played on this track added up to its greatness, all the instruments played blended so well with each other. The overall production of this song is amazing. All the instruments came out so well and you could hear Willow’s vocal.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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