The Akata Kolo Orchestra Band Comes Through with the Radio of “No pity”


The Akata Kolo Orchestra has been captivating since 2021. Despite their diverse musical origins, the nine-member band found common ground in Afrobeat’s addictive groove and soulful sounds.

A brilliant singer, powerful brass band, and driving rhythm section make A.K.O an explosive live act that electrifies dance floors. These Gennevilliers Conservatory students started by covering Afrobeat classics.

However, they improved as painters. They followed up with their first EP on October 27, 2023, capping up a quick rise in composition. The Akata Kolo Orchestra’s promising journey has reached a turning point.

Akata Kolo Orchestra received support from Gennevilliers’ Tamanoir and Bobigny’s Canal 93 in 2023. These partnerships reflect their rising popularity in the music industry, and their electric live presentations have solidified their status as one of the most exciting Afrobeat performers.

The latest single from Akata Kolo Orchestra, “No Pity (Radio Edit),” is an intense musical trip beyond entertainment. Set to an Afrobeat rhythm, the song follows a young made-up character named Ako, who travels to the mystical city of Akatatown with curiosity and optimism.

Ako discovers the harsh reality of city life: “cold air, grey walls, closed faces, winter, grey sky, burning trashes, entire families sleeping on the street freezing there, weird guys with red eyes talking to themselves.”

This dark city portrait depicts sadness and loneliness that many can relate to. The city’s residents reject Ako’s comforts despite his best attempts. His sadness as he lives alone in a cruel world is captured in the song’s emotional depth. Despite everything, optimism persists.

The chorus says, “Close your eyes, open your heart, then you’ll hear the music,” suggesting that music can unite and heal even in difficult times. An alley-shadowed choir brings hope and togetherness to the scattered spirits.

The chorus “Close your eyes, open your heart, then you’ll hear the music” inspires resilience and hope that music can heal our planet. Akata Kolo Orchestra’s ability to weave this profound message into their Afrobeat sound is a testament to their musical expertise and capacity to inspire action.

Akata Kolo Orchestra’s “No Pity (Radio Edit)” is a heartfelt musical narrative that shows how music can change us. It shows their dedication to their craft and using art to discuss societal issues. Since their music is universal and lingers, Akata Kolo Orchestra is worth watching.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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