The Foot Squeaker musical ensemble makes a remarkable comeback with a new song titled “Silhouette”


The Foot Squeaker musical ensemble, hailing from the ever-expanding market town of Gorey in County Wexford, comprises of the following members:
Diarmuid Comerford – Lead Vocals and Guitars
Mike Lynch – Drummer and Vocalist
Richard Deering – Bassist and Vocalist.

Their journey into the realm of alternative rock began in 2018, and from the very start, they’ve been known for their robust and passionate performances. Even in their early days, Foot Squeaker offered nothing less than fervent musical experiences to their audiences.

Regardless of the COVID pandemic, the band managed to release three singles. Now, in 2023, they have made a remarkable return with their latest single, ‘Silhouette’

“Silhouette” is about how someone feels like they’ve lost themselves or don’t know who they are anymore because of something really bad that happened to them.

“Silhouette” is a song that talks about feeling like your personality is all over the place, but it says that the love and support of someone you care about can help you be yourself again. The song also wants people to face life’s problems and be true to themselves. The song provides a sanctuary for individuals to seek solace and hope.

A Photo of Foot Squeaker Band Members -© Dan Butler Photography – All rights are reserved.

The song’s instrumental arrangement, featuring the harmonious blend of piano, bass, guitars, drums, and percussion, sets a captivating rhythm that complements the remarkable vocals. The production values are exceptional, with mixing and mastering carried out at Diarmuid’s studio. Daniel Fox from Gilla Band handled the mixing, while Darragh Nolan, also known as Astakalapa, handled the mastering.

The song “Silhouette” has already been included on Spotify’s Alternative Ireland Playlist and has been played on a number of radio programs all around the globe. These programs include Amazing Radio in the United Kingdom and the United States, Top of the Morning Show in New Zealand, and a variety of programs broadcast all across Ireland.

“Silhouette” is a powerful piece of art that will probably touch the hearts of music fans because it has meaningful lyrics, is performed really well, and is produced with high quality.

Listen on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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