The Sharper Side band is breaking ground with their most recent track, “Four Thousand Club”


Let me introduce you to Sharper Side, a fiery three-piece punk-pop/alt-rock band from the thriving music scenes of North London and Hertfordshire.

The 2021-born band is breaking ground with their most recent track, “Four Thousand Club.”

“Four Thousand Club” is an intriguing reference to a daring story about men who become involved in blackmail situations with women after having promiscuous affairs and are forced to pay a huge sum of $4,000 as a result.

This provocative theme creates the framework for an edgy and thought-provoking investigation of contemporary relationships.

Sharper Side’s music, which draws influence from the punk-pop culture of the late 1990s and early 2000s, has a nostalgic appeal while also bringing their own new vitality and viewpoint to it.

Their strong musicianship, which can be heard in every note and riff, is the foundation of their sound and guarantees that their audience will have an engaging and delightful listening experience.

Sharper Side embraces their punk-pop roots to give a high-octane and thrilling show out of a desire to have fun and make their audience hop up and down. Their contagious songs and vivacious stage presence are sure to get the crowd singing and dancing.

In “Four Thousand Club,” Sharper Side exhibits their mastery in music-based narrative storytelling by telling a story that examines the complexities of contemporary relationships and the difficulties brought on by temptation and deceit.

The group’s growth as artists is evident in their ability to approach such topics with candor and authenticity.

Sharper Side, a growing presence in the punk-pop and alt-rock scenes, are becoming well known for their unique sound and riveting live performances.

Every song they release reflects their commitment to their craft and sincere passion for writing songs that resonate with their listeners.

“Four Thousand Club” is a must-listen for everyone who likes nostalgia mixed with a modern edge. A band to watch in the dynamic music scene of today, Sharper Side’s uncompromising approach and contagious zeal will leave a lasting impact.

Sharper Side encourages you to join their musical trip and embrace the raw intensity of their punk-pop spirit, so get ready for an amazing ride.

Listen to “Four Thousand Club” on Spotify.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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