The Tesla Cowboy, Billy Ray Norris Releases the Remix of ‘Take My Hand’


“Take My Hand” is a heartfelt Country wedding song that beautifully paints a picture of sweet and timeless love, evoking the romantic atmosphere reminiscent of “The Notebook.”

The mastermind behind “Take My Hand REMIX” is the talented Billy Ray Norris, a versatile and genre-blending musician who can be described as a Tesla cowboy, venturing into the future with his music.

Armed with his guitar and surrounded by a talented Country band, Billy Ray’s musical journey has taken him from Nashville to Carlsbad, Portland to Hilo, and LA. His eclectic background draws from the rich musical traditions of Texas and Oklahoma, shaping his unique sound and storytelling abilities.

Billy Ray’s love for music is evident in his diverse repertoire, which spans gospel, country, folk, jazz, and rock. However, at the core of his being, he always returns to his Country roots, infusing each performance with the genuine warmth and authenticity that the genre is known for.

Like the changing landscapes of Montana Gold, Billy Ray’s music flows seamlessly between different musical styles and themes, reflecting his versatile nature as an artist.

As a true cowboy of music, Billy Ray embraces his various identities, going by different names like Kai’makani’mele, Paul, Jyoti, Fire Prince, and of course, Billy Ray.

Billy Ray’s message of hope and optimism has a lasting impression on his listeners because he believes that love overcomes all obstacles and triumphs over hatred.

Through “Take My Hand REMIX,” he invites us to experience the magic of love through his heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies.

Billy Ray Norris is an artist with a genuine passion for storytelling and touching the hearts of his audience. So, take his hand and let him lead you on a musical journey that intertwines love, hope, and the beauty of Country music.

Listen on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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