The Vibrant Continuation of Gentleman Brawlers’ Dance Floor Triumph: “Don’t Treat Me Like An Option”


The newest single from Gentleman Brawlers, “Don’t Treat Me Like An Option,” is an energetic follow-up to their success on the dance floor with “Power Surges.” Becca Fox and Matt Walsh, a production partnership, have created a musical masterwork that fuses the catchy slap house sounds of Gaullin with the early Afro-pop rhythms that bring to mind Orlando Julius.

The unique Brooklyn music scene is home to Gentleman Brawlers, a band known for their thrilling live shows. Veteran BBC writer Tom Robinson properly defines them as “a virtuoso live band, grooving together like a beautifully engineered machine.” A fitting description, indeed. Ahead of the release of their debut album, “Truth and Magic,” on their own Brooklyn Fields label, the duo is giving fans a sneak peek with a string of tracks that are being unveiled through Six Degrees Music Distribution.

Their capacity to move fluidly between live and recorded performances is what really sets Gentleman Brawlers apart as a musical act. In their energetic live performances, the band showcases their signature crisp indie dance sound while releasing a sonic medley of disco-influenced horn lines, infectious highlife guitar, and polyrhythms drawn from the rich musical traditions of Brazil, Trinidad, and West Africa. Their live performances become thrilling extravaganzas as a result of this fusion, which ignites an improvised energy centered on the community.

The Gentlebrawlers-Becca Fox and Matt Walsh

The Gentleman Brawlers take a fresh approach when they’re in the studio, frequently reworking their tracks with an electronic dance music (EDM) twist. Because of this duality, they are able to provide a wide variety of soundscapes that are suitable for both live performances and recorded music. Whether the crowd is on the floor grooving or just relaxing at home, Gentleman Brawlers never fails to provide an exhilarating performance that knows no bounds in terms of music.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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