Trickster Spreads Joy and fun with his new song ‘Silent Night vs Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,’


Trickster’s ‘Silent Night vs Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,’ masterpiece that reflects not only his talent but also the sheer joy and fun that went into its making. Working in iconic London studios such as RAK, Angel, and Abbey Road, Trickster has embraced the essence of legendary musical spaces to bring his dream to life.

The collaboration with producer Richard Flack has proven to be a remarkable journey, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic composition. Trickster proudly boasts the inclusion of Guy Chambers, known for his outstanding work with Robbie Williams, as part of the Trickster team. This collaboration promises a musical experience that draws from the expertise of those who have crafted wonderful records.

The video for ‘Silent Night vs Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ takes the entire production to new heights, as it was filmed at none other than Pinewood Studios, renowned as the home of James Bond. The choice of location adds a cinematic and grand element to the project, elevating it to a level of excellence. The participation of world-class dancers and musicians infuses the video with an infectious energy, creating a New Orleans-style Christmas party that is bound to captivate audiences.

Trickster’s simple yet powerful aim for this Christmas is to make a miracle happen through his music. With ‘Silent Night vs Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,’ he aspires to spread positive energy globally, encouraging people to smile, dance, and be kind to each other during these challenging times. The release of this composition is a deliberate effort to bring joy and warmth to homes worldwide, offering a musical escape and a reason to celebrate the spirit of the season.

In summary, Trickster’s ambitious project encapsulates the spirit of Christmas, not only through the harmonious blend of Silent Night and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town but also through the collaborative efforts of talented individuals and the sheer passion embedded in every note. The result is a musical miracle that aims to transcend boundaries and bring a universal smile to faces around the globe.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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