Unveiling Spiritual Melodies: “Psalm 15 (Who May Worship)” by Will Gray ft. Sarah Téibow


London-based songwriter Will Gray has ventured into a musical journey, seeking inspiration from the biblical Psalms to create a collection of songs that resonate with rich spiritual depth.

As he writes his way through the Psalms, Gray’s passion for singing these ancient verses and encouraging others to do the same has flourished. His project is a testament to his dedication to exploring the vast emotions and themes that the Psalms encapsulate.

Gray’s journey began during the 2020 lockdown in the UK when he felt compelled to delve into the Psalms as a source of inspiration.

With a desire to engage more deeply with the Psalms’ diversity and richness, he started writing sequentially from Psalm 1 to Psalm 150, ensuring that no parts were skipped, even those that challenge his Western mindset.

Through this journey, Gray’s view of God expanded, encompassing aspects of judgment, justice, care for the needy, and the call to pour out our hearts before God.

His new single “Who May Worship” (Psalm 15) is a shining example of this unique endeavor. Collaborating with gospel artist Sarah Téibow, Gray has given this Psalm a fresh and modern twist.

The song explores the requirements for those who can come and worship God, delving into the moral character of true worshippers and the traits that define them.

“Who May Worship” is not just a rendition of ancient words but a personal reflection on how Jesus fulfilled these requirements, allowing believers to approach God’s presence with confidence.

Gray’s desire to grow in Christ-like character while living a blameless life is beautifully woven into the song’s message.

What’s intriguing about this single is how it came together. The spontaneous addition of the section before the final chorus, where the lyrics “we worship in spirit and truth” are sung, showcases the organic nature of the creative process.

Gray shared how this moment was unplanned, a result of an in-the-moment addition during filming. This spontaneous addition has become a favorite part of the song, emphasizing the authenticity and genuine nature of Gray’s musical expression.

As Will Gray continues his journey through the Psalms, his project stands as a testament to the power of scripture-infused music. His approach not only breathes new life into ancient verses but also offers a fresh way for listeners to connect with the timeless messages of the Psalms.

Through collaboration and creativity, Gray’s music invites us to engage more deeply with these sacred texts, creating a contemporary resonance that is both inspiring and relatable.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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