The Harmonious Journey of The Disciple Travelers: A Gospel Ministry Dedicated to Spreading the Message of Faith



In the vibrant world of gospel music, there exists a timeless harmony that transcends earthly boundaries.

Among those who have dedicated themselves to creating divine melodies, The Disciple Travelers stand as a testament to unwavering faith and a passion for spreading the message of Christianity through song.

Formed in 1982 by Laurence Smith and Bobby Williams, this acapella gospel ministry has carved a remarkable path that continues to resonate today.

From its humble beginnings, The Disciple Travelers was fueled by the friendship and shared aspirations of Laurence Smith, Bobby Williams, Alphonso Lampkin, and Calvin Roberson.

As the group’s reputation grew, they encountered the inevitable twists and turns that life often presents. A year after its inception, The Disciple Travelers faced their first transition as Calvin Roberson chose to resign.

Undeterred, the remaining trio reaffirmed their commitment to their faith and their mission. Their dedication to glorifying the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, became the cornerstone of their musical endeavor.

In 1983, a significant milestone marked the group’s perseverance and success. With God at the forefront of their journey, The Disciple Travelers recorded and released their 45 record, aptly titled “GRACE.”

The community’s overwhelming response and support validated their efforts, inspiring them to continue sharing their harmonious gospel across Florida.

True to their name, The Disciple Travelers embarked on an extensive journey throughout Florida, leaving a trail of melodious inspiration in their wake.

Their unwavering commitment to their ministry and community was demonstrated through their tireless attendance at multiple events in different locations on the same day.

Their dedication served as a testament to their unwavering resolve and the strength they drew from their faith.

As time unfolded, the group recognized the need for expansion. John Reese and later Kenneth White joined their ranks, each contributing their unique vocal talents and deepening the richness of their harmonies.

However, transitions were inevitable, as Kenneth White, much like Calvin Roberson, eventually resigned. These challenges did not deter The Disciple Travelers, as they welcomed Lawrence Brown and Andrew Wilcox into their fold, embracing the changes with faith and perseverance.

Throughout their journey, The Disciple Travelers’ faith was the bedrock that guided them through trials and triumphs.

From their formation to the present day, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to God, their music, and their fellow human beings.

In memory of their late members, Bobby Williams and Deacon Alphonso Lampkin, The Disciple Travelers carry forward their legacy with an unspoken promise: “we will never forget our time serving together.”

As they continue to harmonize their faith and music, The Disciple Travelers stand as a shining example of a gospel ministry that is unwavering in its mission to share the message of love, faith, and grace through the power of song.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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