Unveiling the Next Generation of Alt-Rock: The Arrival of Native Strangers


Native Strangers are a vibrant and energizing alt-rock band ready to change the industry with an earth shattering impact. Their raw energy, strong lyrics and catchy tunes will make them the next big thing.

Founded in 2015, Native Strangers is a group of incredibly talented musicians who love music very much. Pete Jiles, the lead vocalist of this band has a very attractive stage presence and his voice is versatile which can soothe as well as ignite emotions. Dan Wilson, the guitarist of this band performs blistering riffs and soulful solos that attract people’s attention while drummer Zach Albert provides tight pulsating rhythm every beat is alive.


Taking cues from great rock, blues and alternative bands like Kings of Leon, Allman Brothers and Jeff Buckley for instance Native Strangers have made a sound that is inspired by different eras in the history of Rock while adding their own modern touch. The band rocks hard-hitting anthems and vulnerable ballads, a testament to their talent as musicians.

The Native Strangers have been creating a stir in the local music scene, gaining critical acclaim as well as loyal fans due to their impressive stage presence. Now, they are set to go global with their music.

Their first album, The Salton Sea which is due to come out later this year will be a sonic sound that echoes in the hearts of rock lovers from all over. From the anthemic lead single “Shakedown” to the introspective ballad “The Way it Goes,” this album demonstrates that they can make passionate and incredibly personal music.

Apart from the album release, Native Strangers are planning an international tour where they will perform in front of their fans. They are hungry to set stages on fire, from small club shows up to big music festivals.

Prepare to see the emergence of Native Strangers.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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