Know More About Franco-Senegalese Saxophonist Jultrane


Jultrane, whose real name is Julien Ndiaye, is a Franco-Senegalese saxophonist who has embarked on an intriguing musical journey that provides as much inspiration as it does diversification. Jultrane is 35 years old, and he finds his inspiration in the late John Coltrane; however, his artistic vision does not stick to traditional limits.

Having learned jazz saxophone and musical training in the South-East region where he lives, Jultrane perfected his art with a commitment to mastering his instrument. But his skills are not limited to the world of music. Jultrane holds a diploma in boilermaking and has attained great successes as far as paragliding is concerned, placing himself among the top 100 French pilots with an incredible flight of about 206 kilometers over eight hours and twenty-two minutes.

The adventurous nature of Jultrane is not limited to the skies as he loves cycling. At 19 years old, he undertook a journey of about 1200 kilometers from Fréjus to Nantes and later increased the distance by trekking through over 27 hundred kilometer stretch between Nantes to St Jean de Luz in only eighteen days.

The various dimensions of his life experiences appear in the music he writes, which is deep and rich with a sense that reflects eclecticism. Jultrane’s repertoire consists of 11 songs, which includes seven original compositions; this music is loaded with luminous energy as it fuses traditional jazz elements and references to his roots and personal experiences.

Jultrane’s artistic vision is a reflection of his positive attitude, ability to bounce back and unlimited creativity. Grounded in tradition but aspiring to the sky, Jultrane’s music is a creature of Renaissance soul with each tune leading listeners on an intriguing trip towards self-realization and discovery.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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