Unveiling the Raw Power of NazTheMoon’s Latest Anthem, ‘Local Freak Act’


Now, take a breath and let me tell you about the talented singer NazTheMoon and her latest song, “Local Freak Act.” I know you’re excited to know more! This new release draws inspiration from alternative and post-hardcore rock styles. It revolves around the theme of overcoming challenges and transforming into a new and improved person.

“Local Freak Act” is about changing into a new person, accepting who you are in the present, and moving on from the past. It holds the hope that, as you come to love the person you’ve become, people will remember the old you in a positive light.


The song starts with heavy guitar riffs and percussion, and as it unfolds, Naz comes in and begins to sing as the loud guitar plays in the background. How the guitars and percussion were played created a lively vibe throughout the fast-paced, upbeat tune. Despite the fast pace of the instrumentation, NazTheMoon is able to send a meaningful message in the song, and her ability to combine meaningful lyrics with an appealing beat makes her singing stand out. The song is a powerful and dynamic indie rock anthem because of its varied rhythms, which range from rapid to slow. “Local Freak Act” is a catchy and danceable tune, yet it introduces listeners to a meaningful message that they can relate to.

The song was recorded in Memphis with producer Ryan. They combined live guitars and MIDI instruments, creating a unique sound that reflects NazTheMoon’s alternative post-hardcore rock influences.

Stream below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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