Decoding Princess Ella’s Sensual Ballad ‘Hennessy’


Princess Ella brings us a captivating afro-beat song titled ‘Hennessy,’ filled with powerful vocals, lively music, and meaningful lyrics. The song vividly describes a passionate and intoxicating love story. Princess Ella expresses her strong longing for a special person, likening their charm to the smooth and captivating nature of Hennessy. The song explores the intricate aspects of love, combining sensuality with a touch of excitement and risk.

In the song “Hennessy,” Princess Ella tells a story about love, being really into someone, and feeling a strong and magnetic connection. When she keeps saying “Deja Deja Deja vu,” it’s like feeling the same emotions again and again in the ups and downs of love. Princess Ella put a lot of feelings and want into making “Hennessy,” which is what makes the song special.

“Hennesy” is an afrobeat song where the drums kick gave it a bit of some afrodancehall feel, and Princess Ella made it more interesting by her mesmerizing vocal delivery. Her performance on the beat is excellent, smoothly handling both high and low notes effortlessly. Even though the song has a fast rhythm, Ella’s singing and the piano bring a relaxed and calm vibe. She sings in both English and pidgin, and the catchy rhythm will surely make everyone want to hit the dance floor.

Princess Ella crafted a catchy chorus in “Hennessy,” making it easy for the melody to stick in every listener’s head. The soothing background music and duets added a delightful touch that made me fall in love with the song.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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