Watermelon Boy Teams up with Bryan The Mensah And Jones2.0 To Serve Us With A New Song Called “Hall Of Fame”


Prepare to be transported to the vibrant and cosmic world of Watermelon Boy, the semi-fictional character and Ambassador to the Space Tropics.

Get ready for an explosive summer with his latest album, “101 Tropical Hits from Cosmic Space,” a kaleidoscope of tracks that range from laid-back sun-soaked grooves to electrifying rave anthems. This album is a collection of pure energy and global collaborations that promise to set the dance floor ablaze.

The album “101 Tropical Hits from Cosmic Space” is a stunning showcase of Watermelon Boy’s signature sound, defined by fuzzy synths, intricate rhythms, and tuned percussion that carry you away to an otherworldly musical experience.

Collaborating with talents from all corners of the globe, including BRYAN THE MENSAH from Ghana, Green Baker from Nigeria, Christian Enjel, The Color Duchess, and Tolu Ade from the US, Scando-American Okafuwa, and hometown heroes BIG BOSS, Freeds & Paris Wells from Melbourne, the album bursts with infectious creativity.

Among the sonic gems in this collection, “Hall of Fame” emerges as a standout track that promises to be a tropical celebration of triumph. Teaming up with longtime collaborator BRYAN THE MENSAH from Ghana and UK-based rapper Jones2.0, Watermelon Boy crafts a song that celebrates life’s richness and achievements.

The song’s lead hook, accompanied by lush vocal arrangements from Bryan and the smooth bars of Jones, encapsulates the spirit of triumph and the joy of spending quality moments with friends and family.

With its mesmerizing blend of tuned percussion, lo-fi guitar, and compelling vocal arrangements, “Hall of Fame” is an anthem dedicated to the good times and the bonds that tie us together.

This track is tailor-made for your summer playlists, delivering an irresistible fusion of global influences that will have you dancing and celebrating life’s victories under the sun.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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