Ryland Fisher Releases A Free-Spirited Life Anthem Called “Higher Grounds”


Hailing from the realm of American country rock, Ryland Fisher emerges as a compelling singer-songwriter and producer, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Unveiling a collection of four studio albums since 2021 under his own label, Fisher’s musical journey has been a testament to his passion and artistry.

He proudly holds a place on the Billboard charts and boasts millions of streams worldwide, showcasing his songwriting brilliance. His compositions have resonated on platforms like CMT, joined the world’s most renowned tours, and graced the screens of network television.

Fisher’s musical identity is rooted in relatable storytelling and heartfelt lyrics, characterized by an unapologetically against-the-grain mindset.

Drawing parallels to Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, and Kip Moore, he injects his music with a raw authenticity that draws comparisons to luminaries like Ryan Adams, Butch Walker, and Bob Dylan.

Nestled within his repertoire, “Higher Grounds” emerges as a standout from his second album, “Black Sheep,” released to acclaim last year. The song’s lyrical narrative exudes an anthem-like quality, celebrating a life unshackled by conventions.

It resonates with those who revel in individuality and dare to embrace life on their terms. Musically, “Higher Grounds” effortlessly fuses the energies of country and rock, invoking a classic rock sensibility that harks back to Fisher’s diverse influences.

Fisher’s artistic journey unfolds through a series of transformative releases. Transitioning from a staff songwriter on Music Row, he embarked on a path that led to his debut album, “Ryland,” produced by the accomplished Danny Faillo of The Spark.

The subsequent release of “Black Sheep” further underscored his evolution, capturing the fusion of country and rock that defines his signature style.

“Sleeping with Ghosts: Volume 1” showcased a poignant departure, presenting a stripped-down compilation that resonates with profound authenticity.

In the year 2023, Fisher’s devotion to his audience shines brightly through the release of “Dust On The Tracks,” a compilation brimming with outtakes and rarities.

This collection, dedicated to his fans, unveils unreleased tracks and alternate versions that provide a tantalizing glimpse into the creative process that shapes his musical legacy.

“Higher Grounds” not only reflects Fisher’s ability to capture life’s journey through song but also encapsulates his audacious spirit.

With its spirited lyricism and a melody reminiscent of classic rock’s golden era, the song serves as a testament to an artist who fearlessly treads his own path.

Listen to “Higher Grounds” below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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