Will Griffey has unveiled his most recent single, “Holding the Match”


The person who originated “The Years Since,” Will Griffey, has, at last, unveiled his most recent single, “Holding the Match,” after a protracted journey.

The song, the result of a decade’s worth of artistic development, demonstrates Griffey’s talent for creating songs that smoothly flow and perfectly capture the essence of unadulterated passion.

Initially envisioned in 2009 under his prior project, Midlife Boy, “Holding the Match” has finally reached its ultimate form under the “The Years Since” project.

The lyrics of the song, which now resonate with the experiences of a 33-year-old, and the song’s improved arrangements both demonstrate how mature it has become.

Despite this development, the song nonetheless embodies a sense of nostalgia and refers to old-fashioned romantic ideals and heart-driven pursuits.

The single exudes a classic pop-punk energy that instantly captivates listeners with its ripping bass intro, sparkling guitar riff, and driving drums. However, what sets “Holding the Match” apart is its open and raw sound.

The song was recorded in four different locations across Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska – two studios and two apartments. This unconventional approach allowed each recording session to maintain its own identity and creative flow, resulting in a track that oozes honesty and passion.

“I hope that the music takes my listeners on an epic journey,” Griffey passionately shares. And indeed, the journey he takes us on is one of pure emotion and relatable experiences.

From start to finish, “Holding the Match” embodies the genuine essence of love and the pursuit of a significant other. Guided by his passion for music and fueled by his artistic inspirations, Will Griffey skillfully crafts songs that break free from genre constraints.

The amalgamation of alternative rock and country influences results in a sound that stands apart from the conventional, and it is this unique approach that sets him apart in the music scene.

Listen on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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