With “Christyle #01,” Matt Likembe Gives Us a Peek into His Creative World.


French artist Matt Likembe has finally released a new song tiyled “Christyle #01,” the first installment in a series of Christian freestyles that showcase his exceptional talent.

With this latest release, Likembe invites listeners to step into his creative world, where his musical palette shines brightly, blending his deep faith with his love for music.

As a dedicated disciple of Jesus, Matt Likembe channels his artistic abilities to serve the Gospel. With an impressive musical background that includes graduating as a violinist from the Conservatory, Likembe’s journey has taken him across a diverse range of genres.

From performing on stage with various bands, including raï and African gospel, to leading Sunday Mass celebrations, his musical versatility is truly captivating.

Likembe’s passion for rap has been a constant force throughout his life. He penned his first lyrics at just 12 years old and has continued to harness his lyrical prowess ever since.

Additionally, his exploration of musical composition led him to discover music production techniques, which he skillfully employs to craft his unique sound.

In the year 2023, Matt Likembe is embarking on an exciting journey of collaboration. He teams up with beatmakers, infusing his voice and additional instruments into their creations.

This results in the “Christyle” series, a collection of releases that promise to transport listeners across various musical landscapes every 6 weeks.

From the depths of trap to the vibrant rhythms of African-pop, from heartfelt rap to soulful singing, the “Christyle” series showcases Likembe’s ability to seamlessly traverse different musical worlds, connecting Europe and Africa through his artistry.

Amidst these creative endeavors, Matt Likembe is diligently working on his first self-produced EP, set to make its debut in 2024.

This forthcoming project is a testament to his dedication to crafting a body of work that reflects his musical evolution and artistic vision.

As “Christyle #01” shines a light on Likembe’s artistic prowess, it serves as an introduction to an artist whose faith, passion, and musicality harmoniously converge.

With every note and lyric, Matt Likembe continues to captivate audiences and establish his presence in the music world, offering a unique blend of devotion and creativity.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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