Introducing “Found My Way Here,” a slower, more introspective song by Rachel Davie Lee


In her latest single, “Found My Way Here,” compliance officer-turned-RnB star Rachel Davie Lee takes a step back from her flashy style and presents a slower and more tender ballad. Collaborating with co-writer and pianist Brent Hoyte, Rachel showcases her talents in this introspective track, which was released as part of the international artist compilation, Connexion III, by the French label Noussanseux. “Found My Way Here” follows Rachel Davie Lee’s 2021 EP, Barely Concealed, which has received feedback globally and has recived airplay on over 200 stations worldwide.

Rachel discusses the concepts of thinking about the past, the present, and the future throughout the song. She is struggling to cope with conflicting emotions brought on by pleasant as well as sad recollections. Aside all, she gets the realization that everything that has happened to her has shaped her into the person she is today, and that this has resulted in her being more resilient.

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The piano performance performed by Brent Hoyte in “Found My Way Here” is relaxing and evocative. The song addresses the difficulties of living and it also celebrates the happier times. Those who have been through comparable struggles in their own lives are likely to find relief in Rachel’s honest recollections, which are complemented by her seductive voice and Hoyte’s soft piano compositions.

While this single may differ from Rachel’s typically upbeat RnB sound, its departure is not surprising given her diverse range of musical influences. Hailing from Jamaica, Scotland, Guyana, England, and Scotland, Rachel has absorbed sounds from all corners of the world, weaving them into her musical repertoire.


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Barbie Edonia


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