A Review of “Cash Flow” by Saif


SAIF, a hip hop musician from Eora and Sydney has released a new single titled “Cash Flow” In this new song, SAIF brings a hip hop vibe, but you can also hear a bit of jazz and drill, giving it a unique twist.

In “Cash Flow,” Saif transforms into a storyteller, sharing his view through his art. The lyrics of the song is all  about how people in the creative scene can make money in different ways. Saif explains that the song is about artists having different ways to make money in the creative world. The song therefore tells us about Saif’s thoughts, revealing how “Cash Flow” explores the financial challenges artists face while chasing their creative dreams.

“Cash Flow” is arranged beautifully, thanks to the skillful work of producer Utopia. BeatswithSheph, responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering, adds a precise touch, taking the overall production to a level of excellent sound quality. The synth effects added also gave the song some catchy and unique feel.

Saif’s singing  also addded a lot of energy to the song. His voice is strong and flexible and it blended well with the beats. His vocal delivery was clear and full of passion which expressed the feelings in the lyrics perfectly.

He relaxed for the beat and went somehow cool with the delivery but you could still feel some energy in his vocals. His word play, choice of words and how he rhymed is just amazing. Saif’s skill in using words is evident in the rap-style of the song, telling a detailed story about his experiences in the creative industry.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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