Uncovering the Sonic Realm: ‘The Chelsea, At Night’ by The King Yellow


The new and upcoming band, King In Yellow, has just put out their new song called “The Chelsea, At Night,” where they blend  post-punk, experimental rock, and alternative music.

The lyrics of the song make you think about the mystery and beauty of cities at night. The music then takes you to a special time and place, all while staying modern. It’s like going on a sound adventure that transports you to a whole new world.

The song starts with a fantastic guitar riff, and then another guitar joins in. A thumping bassline and a long drum roll are added, which all come together to form this masterpiece.

The song has a constant mix of calm, soothing, and relaxing melodies, harmonies, themes, and leads. The bass guitar adds more weight, clarity, and depth to the music by playing well-thought-out low notes. This perfectly pairs with the heavy, powerful, and noisy chord progressions and riffs on the other side. Also, they made the song more interesting by using  a reverb effect. This effect creates a special, spacey sound that you can easily recognize. It adds an extra layer to the music, making it more fascinating and enjoyable.

The song was made more lively with how the drums were played, its breaks, fills, and other drumming moves, and the intense basslines that connect the guitars and drums in the song.

The singing in the song played a big part in making it sound great. The special way they did the background vocals, group singing, and shouting made the song even more distinctive. Even though the vocals were somewhat overshadowed by the intense music, you could still hear all the lyrics clearly.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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