Angam: Harmonizing Cultures and Creating Musical Magic in Paris


Paris, a city in France, is well known for its vibrant music scene, where musicians from different backgrounds come together to create unique and appealing sounds.

Among the many excellent artists who reside in this city, one global music ensemble stands out for its extraordinary synthesis of musical genres. Meet Angam, a five-piece band that combines elements of Western music with those from the East and the Maghreb to produce enthralling music. I

In order to produce a sound that transcends boundaries and enthralls listeners, Lakhdar Boussaf and Emmanuel Blanc, two musicians, founded the group Angam.

Born in Oujda, Morocco, Lakhdar Boussaf is a singer-songwriter who started out in music when he was a little child.

At the Festival du Maroc Oriental, he received recognition and awards for his songs and compositions thanks to a solid musical background and his band Amjad. Lakhdar continued his exploration of the fusion of Eastern and Western music after relocating to France in the 1990s. He produced CDs that included his sultry voice accompanied by the oud and mandole.

The Montpellier, France-based composer, arranger, and performer Emmanuel Blanc, on the other hand, contributed his musical expertise to the mix. Emmanuel, a guitarist by training, became deeply involved in Montpellier’s pop culture before continuing his education at the famed Paris Conservatory. He also dabbled in writing music for cinema scores, concentrating on writing and orchestration.

Emmanuel has devoted his artistic endeavors to examining the combination of Western and Eastern musical elements because he is drawn to the appeal of global music and its capacity to transmit everlasting poetry.

Angam is a band that defies classification and enthralls listeners with its intriguing auditory journey. It was created by Lakhdar and Emmanuel. Angam’s music transports listeners to a realm of rhythm and ballads, where seductive tones and ever-changing horizons captivate the senses, thanks to their distinctive fusion of musical traditions. Their compositions serve as a testament to the value of cross-cultural dialogue and the successful synthesis of various influences.

Angam’s involvement in the Parisian music scene is proof of the city’s pluralism and capacity to foster cross-cultural musical collaborations.

The band’s dedication to making music that crosses boundaries and celebrates diversity is evidence of their belief in a connected and peaceful future. Angam enables listeners to experience the enchantment that may be created when several musical traditions collide through their performances and captivating compositions.

Angam reminds us of the ability of music to cut over barriers of language, culture, and boundaries as they continue to charm audiences with their soul-stirring song. Their perfect blending of Maghreb, Eastern, and Western elements serves as a reminder that when we accept our shared humanity, harmony and creativity may bloom.

Immerse yourself in Angam’s alluring melodies to go on a musical trip that welcomes diversity, crosses borders, and honors the power of cultural diversity.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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