Kantala, Dom Prévost & Popimane Bridge Cultures and Spread Love with ‘1000 Faso’


In a world often plagued by conflict and division, the musical collaboration of Kantala & Dom Prévost, with the participation of Popimane and Dramane Dembélé, brings a message of love, unity, and hope through their latest album, “1000 Faso.”

This flagship title serves as an anthem to love and reconciliation in Burkina Faso, showcasing the beauty of diversity and cultural richness. With lyrics spanning over 20 languages, the album celebrates the power of love and aims to inspire a brighter future for all.

At the heart of “1000 Faso” lies the concept of expressing love in various languages and cultures. The album’s eponymous title track, “1000 Faso,” encompasses the sentiment of “I love you” in more than 20 languages, including those spoken by ethnic groups in Burkina Faso and international languages.

Through this multilingual approach, Kantala, Dom Prévost, and their collaborators celebrate the diversity of cultures and highlight the universal language of love that transcends barriers.

“1000 Faso” is a potent declaration of peace and harmony in a world that is frequently characterized by disputes and power struggles.

Kantala describes the album as a helping hand toward a better future, a soothing balm for our hearts. The music aims to move beyond divisive models and promote love and understanding among people. It serves as an invitation to embrace diversity, respect different cultures, and foster a harmonious coexistence.

With the song “Boiling,” the album delves into timely and urgent issues such as global warming, violence, and warfare. Dom Prévost’s lyrics convey a sense of urgency, calling for an end to destructive actions that threaten our planet and the love we should share. The track serves as a passionate plea to save humanity from the madness propagated by those driven solely by power.

“1000 Faso” is not just an album; it is a musical journey that embraces the power of music to inspire change and foster hope. Through their collaborative efforts, Kantala, Dom Prévost, Popimane, and Dramane Dembélé create a sonic tapestry that combines traditional and contemporary elements, weaving together the rich musical heritage of Burkina Faso with global influences.

Their collective voices and talents shine a light on the potential for unity and a better future for all.



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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