The Lost Messiahs’ “Radiance of Moon” Radiates Ethereal Sounds


The Lost Messiahs, an alternative indie band, is enthralling audiences once more with their newest song, “Radiance of Moon.”

The third studio album by this talented band, which was just released, features this catchy song as the fourth single. It features the distinctive sound of brilliant guitars and unwavering vocals that produce an ethereal ambiance.

Songwriter Ollie, the mastermind behind The Lost Messiahs, pours heartfelt lyrics into “Radiance of Moon,” telling a love story that beautifully expresses the joy and gratitude of finding one’s soulmate. Each note carries a sense of wonder and magic, capturing the essence of the journey shared with a loved one.

The music video for “Radiance of Moon” is a visual treat, featuring radiant vignettes in haunting slow-motion. The scenes are painted with incandescent colors that mesmerize and captivate viewers, adding another layer of depth to the song’s ethereal charm.

Hailing from Portlaoise in the midlands of Ireland, The Lost Messiahs have been crafting music with a spiritual connection, delving into collaborations with monks, and exploring the inner workings of the mind in search of meaning.

Comprising James O’Connor (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Eamonn Duff (Bass), Martha Cummins (Drums), and Ollie Plunkett (Electric Guitar), The Lost Messiahs are a formidable force in the indie music scene.

Their music is marked by rich production, meticulous songwriting, and immersive instrumentation, creating textured and atmospheric landscapes.

The band’s musical style has drawn comparisons to esteemed acts like The National, War on Drugs, and Mercury Rev, but The Lost Messiahs have carved out a distinct and individual sound that resonates with fans around the world.

Alongside critical acclaim and nationwide radio play, The Lost Messiahs have graced festivals and venues across Ireland, leaving audiences in awe of their live performances.

Their music continues to capture the hearts of listeners, and they have exciting plans ahead, including appearances at Forest Fest and Electric Picnic this summer, with more dates yet to be announced.

As The Lost Messiahs continue to radiate their ethereal sounds and heartfelt storytelling, they solidify their position as a band worth keeping on everyone’s radar.

With each release, they weave musical magic that touches the soul, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next compelling creation.

Listen to ‘Radiance Of Moon’ below.



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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